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Economy & Jobs

Recent deregulation and tax cuts provided the strongest economic recovery ever on record. We saw historic unemployment levels, an increase in non-manager wages, and a booming stock market. Then came the Coronavirus lockdowns. We need to find a way to live with this virus and get people back to work. 


As your Representative, I will:

  • Fight for the fiscal stimulus our workers and businesses need 

  • Push for direct stimulus that can be spent to restart our economy and get kids back to school. 

  • Fight for money needed to help our schools pay for the necessary equipment to keep teachers and students safe 

  • Reduce regulations that inhibit growth

  • Fight to keep taxes low for the middle class


The United States of America is the economic engine of the world. It's time to get it started again. Together we can get back to work responsibly.

Healthcare solutions 

All Americans deserve access to quality and timely health care, regardless of economic or social status. The most vulnerable, including those with pre-existing conditions and those who cannot afford health insurance, must be protected.  As a prior kidney dialysis healthcare Director, I’ve seen firsthand what the sickest amongst us have to endure to get care. Therefore, I will be a healthcare champion for all while keeping costs down and limiting the amount that we, as a Nation, spend on health care. See my plan here. No one should be turned away for care for fear of losing their life savings or their home because of a visit to the hospital. 

As your Representative, I will:


  • Fight to provide care for those with pre-existing conditions

  • Ensure no one can lose their insurance due to a pre-existing condition

  • Fight to ensure those who can’t afford coverage will have access to care

  • Fight to make sure preventative care is prioritized amongst our highest risk populations

Social Security/Medicare

Medicare provides millions of seniors and other Americans with access to health care and prescription drugs to keep them healthy and improve their quality of life, which is why it’s critical we preserve and strengthen this program. The same goes for Social Security, which provides financial security to millions of seniors, children, and Americans with disabilities.

As your Representative, I will:

  • I will fight to reach bipartisan consensus to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security without taking benefits away from the millions of Americans who currently receive them and ensure future generations have access to these critical programs

Law & Order and

Police Reform

Major US Cities have been burned by Anarchists who want to defund the police. I have seen firsthand what the absence of law enforcement looks like having deployed to Afghanistan on four combat tours. It is the Government’s job to enforce laws, protect personal safety, and protect private property. We need our Police forces to protect citizens, and I’m proud of the men and women who wear the uniform and put their lives on the line to protect us.


We also need to weed out bad actors in the Police Department. Today in the US a Black Man is 2.5 times more likely to be shot by the Police than a white man. That is why I would have voted for the JUSTICE Act, a common-sense approach to reduce Police excessive use of force and Police bias. Sadly, my opponent voted against this bipartisan police reform bill written by one of only two African American men in the Senate. The JUSTICE Act would have done the following:

  • Chokeholds: Narrowly defines the practice by applying it only to something done with the goal of incapacitating someone.  It also conditions federal grants on banning chokeholds and calls on DOJ to develop new chokehold restrictions.

  • Officer Misconduct: Leaves current law intact and instead addresses excessive use of force by incentivizing law enforcement agencies to provide officers with de-escalation and bystander training. It also creates a National registry for Officer misconduct that will be accessible by the more than 14,000 police departments in the US. This will prevent bad apples from simply moving from one Police Department to the next. 

  • No knock warrants: Requires reporting when no-knock warrants are used.

  • Body cameras: Appropriates funds for local and state law enforcement agencies for body cameras. It also mandates their use.

  • Racial Bias: Establishes a program through the National Museum of African American History that focuses on the history of racism in American, with the goal of training people to educate State and local law enforcement personnel.  It also creates a Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys that would study issues that affect Black men and boys, such as homicide rates, arrest and incarceration rates, poverty, violence, disparate income and wealth levels, health issues, and school performance.

  • Use of Force Data: Requires State and local law enforcement agencies that receive federal grant money to report to the FBI use of force incidents, including information on the officers and individuals involved, which the FBI would be required to publish.  Grant funding would be reduced for jurisdictions that do not comply with the reporting requirement.

  • Lynching: Makes lynching a Federal Crime.


I am proud to say that I have climbed Mt. Rainier three times and summited twice.  I want the glacier to be there when my kids are old enough to climb it with me and for generations beyond.  We must take action to protect our children's future. Man-made environmental impacts left unchecked will destroy our forests, impact our agricultural communities, and melt our snowpack. We need to take action to arrest the impacts human actions have on the environment.


That said, the solutions we put forth must be scalable, global in nature, and must not destroy the economy in the process of being implemented. We need to encourage promising new technologies, such as carbon capture, that literally take carbon out of the air while removing roadblocks to further innovation.


As your Representative, I will:

  • Manage our forests to reduce wildfires, fight beetle infestations, and provide jobs

  • Fight to reduce regulations around promising new carbon capture technologies

  • Champion innovative ways to reduce carbon

  • Fight to ensure equal access to our Federal lands for all

  • Push for common sense methods to reduce pollution of our rivers and lands


I will be a vocal advocate for our youth. Education is the first step in a ladder to a better life and as the Father of three I know we need to provide the best possible education for our kids.

As your Representative, I will focus on:


  • Higher Education: We need more vocational training in our High Schools.  We have a huge shortage of skilled labor in the trades, and I firmly believe that a degree from a University is not the only path to the American Dream.  I will fight for more post high school education options, starting with Pell Grant flexibility to allow students the option to pursue technical education programs.


  • Local Control: Education decisions should be made at the local school board level provided the school system can meet national standards for educational excellence.  I am proud to be a signatory to get R-90 on the ballot in an effort to repeal the Sex Education bill that was pushed through the State Legislature. 


  • Rural Broadband Access: I will fight for better broadband access for our rural communities. Even after we can get our kids back to school full time, we need better access to information for all of our students.


We must protect our borders, both North and South. The administration has done a good job working with Mexico to reduce the influx of illegal immigration coming from Central America into the United States. I will work with the Administration to provide funding to develop both a physical barrier as well as technology to reduce incursions into the US. 

As your Representative, I will fight for:


  • Strong borders that stop illegal immigration

  • Labor access that our Farmer's and Orchardists need 

  • Ensuring that the US still attracts the best and brightest legal immigrants who come here to create jobs and make our Country even more dynamic


As a Veteran, I know firsthand the sacrifices made by our former servicemen and women. I have lost too many Army buddies to suicide.  Every day in America, 20 Veterans commit suicide. The suicide of a mentor of mine from my very first deployment was what motivated me to run for Congress, we need to do better. I will fight to ensure that well-meaning health care workers in the VA aren't inhibited from providing the best possible care to our Vets by onerous bureaucratic red tape.

As your Representative, I will fight to ensure:

  • Veterans receive the best quality health care possible, whether that is at a VA Center or at their local non-VA clinic

  • The children and spouses of our Gold Star families receive the benefits to which they are entitled

  • Our disabled Veterans receive the benefits they’ve earned

  • More opportunities in the civilian workforce for Veterans and pass laws that increase job opportunities for our Vets

  • The retirement pay our servicewomen and men deserve

Transportation & Infrastructure

Traffic is staggering and only getting worse. The West Seattle Bridge's failure is yet another example of our crumbling infrastructure. We need frugal solutions that will deliver the most value for every taxpayer dollar we spend. We have been blessed with massive growth-- it's time our infrastructure catches up.

As your Representative, I will fight to:

  • Get a third lane added to I-90. The Kittitas Upper County needs access to Western Washington for both commuters and goods coming from Central Washington

  • Expand the height of Stampede Pass- with a public/private partnership. This will
    allow double-stacked shipping containers to pass through, providing a much needed
    access point to the ports in western Washington for the growers and orchardists of
    central Washington, bring over 100 family-wage jobs to an inland port in Ellensburg,
    and reduce traffic in the Auburn area, as well as decrease pollution.

Constitutional rights

& Amendments

The Founding Fathers wrote a document that has stood as a shining beacon to the world for over 200 years. The purpose of Government is to protect our inalienable rights - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I will be a fierce advocate for these rights in D.C.

As your Representative, I will uphold:


  • First Amendment: I fought overseas to ensure that all can express their opinion without fear of reprisal. Today much of our expression is done on social media platforms that, at best, have a spotty record when it comes to free speech.  I plan to hold social media platforms accountable to ensure freedom of speech is protected and censorship prevented.  There must be clear and concise rules to ensure that all can exercise their first amendment rights without censorship.


  • Second Amendment: I am a staunch defender of the second Amendment and will fight to protect our right to bear arms.  Access to firearms is a Constitutionally protected right in this Country, and I will fight hard to defend it. We must also ensure we keep guns out of the wrong hands, promote personal responsibility, and advocate for gun safety education without infringing on the People’s Constitutional right. We must promote gun safety education, not legislate it. 

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